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Apr. 1st, 2010 @ 11:18 am (no subject)
  • 13:48 dear @jazziemyne ya for you and MAFF! #
  • 14:00 dear @breenaBombx i am there. and will be great to see you :) #
  • 14:02 dear self: i cant beleive that warriors walk alone. you can't touissant without a crew. #
  • 14:03 dear @breenaBombx just $7 clams. #
  • 14:04 dear @hissoapbox i forgot the question! lmao damn twitter. im still learning. #
  • 14:09 dear @hissoapbox in chicago for the weekend. working til then. but friday nuyo is always open! #
  • 14:32 dear @MadamWhitt i am here. world-takeover mode. how r u? #
  • 14:44 dear @MadamWhitt alive is good. so good. #
  • 14:45 dear Wire Creator: you done good. you cracked this world open and showed us her insides. RIP David Mills #
  • 14:46 dear turkey bacon: you smell good as hell. id marry you, if it wasnt for the well you know, fact that you're bacon... #
  • 14:52 dear @basseyworld they filmed it on the block of nuyorican. im just saying -- you'll prolly see me in it. moving to the beat. erratically. #
  • 14:57 dear @blackcracker everything about the snackerbowl is understood. the gravy. the potatoes. the chicken. that glorious bird. #
  • 15:05 dear @HebrewMamita the creator of the wire was a journalist first. not the poet you're thinking of. #
  • 15:17 dear @blackcracker u need your veggies, yo! food groups. tadow #
  • 17:35 Dear NYC: u are magnificent. Why'd I ever doubt u? #
  • 20:04 Dear NYC: the man whistling by me screeching "think shiny gold things..." Couldn't have been made up. Only you... #
  • 21:19 Dear Poems: I hear you take flight on the LES of Manhattan. I think you look like some sort of skydiver with your wings spread fly like that #
  • 21:20 Dear @aja_monet rkelly can't say shyt to me. #
  • 21:23 Dear Omni: I think ur funny. Especially when u say stuff like strategy, slam & beer in the same sentence #
  • 21:34 Dear @Sotamblue aint that an amazing feeling? Can't wait to see u in july! #
  • 21:37 Dear New York City: u smell like a new lover. Like if I kiss you, you'll ask me to stay the night. #
  • 21:46 Dear self: the jumping jack flash of ur sternum is not heartbreak. It is caffeine. No need to alarm #
  • 22:05 Dear @elprofe316 whoever said that hates their own mother. They're a fukn headcase waiting to be diagnosed. Rick who? #
  • 22:07 Dear @dasanahanu I be trying to write what I like... Lol how u be? #
  • 22:08 Dear New Poem: I love it. I love u. U make me feel like I'm doing it right. Honest u do... #
  • 22:25 Dear @HebrewMamita I say dominican republic. What say u...? #
  • 22:26 Dear Trina: I hate to be the bearerof bad news. But its a wrap. Go back to real estate. Seriously #
  • 22:31 Dear @blackcracker she too old. Stop playing. #
  • 22:46 Dear @HebrewMamita aka jew fairy - I 'unno what to say. U fly mama. Tadow! #
  • 23:09 Dear @HebrewMamita its "cry wolf" not sheep. I feel u ma, u all positive & shyt... But nahhh #
  • 23:12 Dear @blackcracker old aint hater slang. Its fact. Botox &spanx dont make u less old. She 50 talkin bout bad bytch!? Booo get off the stage #
  • 23:24 Dear @HebrewMamita u smell all my pickles. Lmao #
  • 23:44 Dear @basseyworld boo his whole life! #
  • 23:48 Dear @Taranorama I need to talk to u soon. There are May dates and coffee to be settled on! #
  • 23:50 Dear NYC: the way u cradled @HebrewMamita and I - the way u birthed us a spine for only the stage to curve & bend, they way u love us... #
  • 00:31 Dear @tarabetts did u get my msg? Are we linking tomorrow?? #
  • 04:39 You might believe that your co-workers will give you a hard ti... More for Taurus twittascope.com/?sign=2 #
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